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The legacy you leave is important. Plan on peace of mind with Osler.

Whether you’ve built your business from the ground up, or assumed leadership from someone else, business succession planning is always a complex matter. Ensure that what you’ve nurtured through the years continues to thrive after you’ve left the boardroom. 

Achieve your long-term business succession goals with Osler. We’re here to provide a full range of sophisticated legal, tax, and strategic planning advice. 

Business planning, or succession planning, is preparation protocol for identifying potential top-tier leaders, enhancing their skills, and mentoring them for elevated roles when senior management or executive members depart. Forward planning for your business empowers executive and promotes inspiration in your chosen leaders. It is the most powerful of all the decisions you will make regarding the longevity of your company. It ensures that operations continue to run smoothly, with as little interruption as possible, in the event of departure due to retirement, death or simply, someone moving on to a new opportunity. Business planning strengthens a company, it gives everyone a strategy to focus on. It identifies critical positions, key skill requirements, and sets the stage for the next generation of your business.  

As a businessperson, you know that constant consideration of the future is how business is run. Planning for who is at the helm is no different. Life goes on, business does, too. Your business partners, employees, clients, customers and loved ones all deserve a smooth transition so morale and productivity can be maintained during trying times. They all depend on the stability of an efficiently run business. Business planning provides a strategic roadmap that ensures continuity and durability for your business. Having a solid blueprint in place guarantees the reliability of the services the business provides, while preserving its benefit to those who depend on its long-term success.  

Proper planning with Osler means that even the most significant disruptions to your business—retirement, incapacity, or death—can be maneuvered smoothly and effectively. 

Business, by nature, is fraught with uncertainty and complexity. No one knows what might tip the scale from one corporate move to the next. Your business is an extension of you – who you are and what you stand for. It reflects upon your associates, connections, brand and family. Business planning is no different, which is why preparing for succession and the future is of utmost importance for its continuity and for the welfare of your family and employees. A robust business plan reduces risk to your company by minimizing turmoil and mistakes, it establishes your goals, maintains your mission statement and secures your investments by demonstrating to your employees and your clients that business runs as usual, no matter what the concern. Commit to a reliable forecast for the future of your business with Osler.

We at Osler cater to everyone’s business needs. We meet our clients where they are at. This includes those who are at the beginning their business journey and those who are long established in their field. The novice and the veteran are equally welcomed to thrive with us.

At Osler, we have many years of experience with business law and succession planning. We know the drill and we’re here to help you get it right from the start.

As a business owner, you have enough to take care of. At Osler, make it simple: leave the legal stuff to us. We have extensive experience and knowledge in:

One of the most arduous challenges in estate planning involves the transfer or sale of a closely held business upon the owner’s departure. We navigate clients through the tumultuous and complex season that ensues. Sometimes that is unexpected legal issues, unforeseen tax problems, or unanticipated family fallout. Invariably, questions arise during the business succession process.

Osler’s mission is to ensure that the transfer of ownership or succession is harmonious, cooperative and smooth. We do everything we can to guarantee it happens with minimal impact to the day-to-day running or productivity. We pride ourselves on helping provide a seamless shift for employees, business partners, and families involved. 

Whether you are standing at day one or have been in business for 50 plus years, Osler is here to work closely with you to develop the business succession plan that perfectly aligns with your estate planning objectives and that best serves you, your people, and your business. We have an impeccable reputation for leveraging our business acumen, legal expertise, and creative approach to problem solving. We are widely renowned for designing sophisticated, personalized plans that meet your objectives.

Protect your business and your peace of mind by putting your assets in the best hands. You deserve to rest easy. Top-notch business planning continues to provide value and security to those who mean the most, for generations to come.

Plan on peace of mind with Osler. Schedule a complimentary consultation today.

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